I recommend Mr. Luqmaan Kagee with great enthusiasm for the exceptional quality of his work as a translator of written English to Arabic and vice versa. He assisted me in transposing classical Arabic text into English. I also witnessed his work translating a book from English to Arabic with consummate ease.

He is dynamic and meticulous in insisting on exact meanings for words, in both languages. He also understands that words are, at best, symbols for expression. Thus, he is capable of more than literal translation. 

While his command of spoken English is more than adequate for any business/technical situation, Mr. Kagee’s strongest ability is certainly in written translation. He will excel in literary, technical, business or diplomatic applications of translation between Arabic and English. 

If you are looking for an innately motivated translator for your documents, journals, manuals or correspondence, Mr. Kagee is someone well worthy of full consideration.

- Shaykh Igsaan Frieslaar, Lecturer, International Peace College of South Africa

Shaykh Mohammed Luqmaan Kagee obtained his MA degree from the University of the Western Cape, and is currently pursuing his PhD on Sufism. He also has a strong Arabic background from his studies in Jordan. He is competent to do various services such as research, translation and typesetting. I recommend him highly. Please see his website for more detail.

- Professor Yasien Mohamed, Department of Foreign Languages, University of the Western Cape